When it comes to buying a home the least fun part of the process is getting the mortgage.  I’ll be bold and state the obvious – the process of getting a home loan sucks.  I mean, who really enjoys providing countless explanations for deposits that went into their bank account?  Who says “pick me, pick me!” when asked to provide countless pages of tax returns?  As if buying a home wasn’t stressful enough to begin with it seems like the lending process is designed to amplify anxiety, not minimize it.

A friend told me that Loan Officers should focus on making the process suck less.  It’s not exactly a lofty goal but my friend had a point – we should make the process less invasive, more organized and focus on anticipating what is needed early in the process instead of the last minute.

If any of this strikes a chord it’s likely because you or someone you know chose a Loan Officer that did a poor job.

So why choose me to help you?  First of all, I know and remember what it’s like to buy a home.  Truthfully, buying a house stresses me out and that’s with over two decades of experience as a Loan Officer!  Second, I’ve done over four thousand loans in my career up to this point – and that’s a huge benefit because I’ve learned what to do and even more important, what not to do.  Experience really matters with lending.

I’ve not listed price yet but that’s another important component.  I’m a mortgage broker which means I actually shop for my clients and there is a very big difference in the rates and terms that our clients receive compared with large retail mortgage companies

If you’d like to schedule time with me click here.  It costs nothing and I’ll do everything I can to help you feel more empowered with the finance portion of buying a home.

If you are interested in applying for a loan – you bold person you – click apply now to get started.



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