Why I Love What I Do

One of the most important – and fun – parts of doing loans is getting the opportunity to thank the underwriters and the lenders that help make the dream of homeownership happen.  Here is a recent thank you I was lucky enough to get to send:

Joe and team –
Do you remember that really hard FHA loan we closed at the beginning of the month for (***)? The one that was declined by another lender with a cash gift from a non-relative? The seller of the property just sent my team and I a super nice gift basket and thank you card. One of those crazy nice baskets from Harry and David that you normally only get during the Holidays. Just want you guys to know that your hard work and how much you care really matters and it really makes a difference.
The sellers needed proceeds of the sale to buy their dream home at the coast. Their goal all along was to have access to their new home for the July 4th holiday weekend. When you somehow pulled a 50 pound rabbit out of FHA’s ass at the last minute on this one and got the loan funded on the 2nd it allowed the seller to fund on the 3rd and to have access to the house for the 4th. You literally pulled off a super hard loan (for a really worthy buyer) in just a little over a week. That’s crazy amazing.
I don’t think you realize just how much of a difference you make in the lives of real people but you’ve done it for me now 3 or 4 times.
So as my team and I are eating our fancy chocolate covered cherries (pinkies out!!) and spreading some weird ass cheese concoction on our fancy crackers we will be toasting each of you for making it happen.
Cheers Joe and team.
*** = name removed cuz y’all need to insert your own here so we can pull off a miracle for you too

Thorns score all the points

My wife and I decided to buy season tickets for this year. What a great decision. When you hear we set an attendance record and you hear the chants for equal pay it feels like we are in the right place at a pivotal time.

If you haven’t seen a Thorns game it’s a great experience and the soccer is really, really good.

A 5 point win is fun but I believe this is lot more than a statement win – it really feels like a movement.