Why Realtors Should Use Team Aalto

I recently had a great conversation with a fantastic Realtor and he wanted to know what our unique value proposition is to Realtors.  Do we pay for advertising?  Do we co-sponsor events?  Do we send leads to business partners?  It got me thinking about how we actually add value.  Here are some ways:

  • We anticipate issues before they happen
  • We have a predictable process
  • We communicate with agents and are transparent so that they always know how their transaction is going
  • We explain the loan process clearly with clients
  • We close on time
  • We make them look good with their clients
  • We update our agents with timely information that impacts their business
  • We will not compromise ethics to close a loan
  • We actively participate in helping agents get more leads
  • We are accessible and accountable
  • We contact leads quickly

What Makes Team Aalto Different

There are thousands of Loan Officers in Portland.  So why choose our team to help you?  What makes us unique?  Here are some highlights:

  • Experience 
    • As a Loan Officer I have closed over 4000 loans since 1993.  As a result I’ve gotten to know how to identify issues early in the process and how to effectively problem solve all kinds of lending scenarios.
  • Communication
    • We are pro-active with communication and are in touch weekly with you and your Realtor so that you always know what is happening with your loan.
  • Competitive Pricing
    • We shop the market for you to get you the best rate and terms.  As a Broker, we have multiple sources of funds for your mortgage.
    • We work with you to find the best loan product for your situation and we talk openly with you about why one product is better – or worse – than another.
    • We don’t spend money on advertising and we pass on the savings to you
  • We’re Local
    • We live here too.  If you prefer to meet face to face it’s something we really enjoy.  In many cases, our clients become our friends.
  • We Care
    • Our business depends on referrals from past clients and also from Realtors. If we don’t do a good job we will go out of business.
  • We’re On Time
    • We make sure that your closing takes place on time.