Exercise – A Good Thing?

I’ve never been accused of being someone with low energy – that is until this week.  For those of you that know me, I’d more often be accused of having the energy level of an imbalanced recovering ritalin addict than someone that needs to step up the energy level.

So here I am, in a room full of peers and upper Management and I’m starting to daydream about “Low T” commercials and shark cartilage supplements.  As a guy in my 40s, am I really displaying a change in energy level?  Am I destined to have involuntary naps in the middle of important presentations?  And then I had an epiphany – I realized the common ingredient I was missing compared to my more energetic brethren was exercise.

So now the question, gentle readers, is what constitutes the right sort of exercise?  20 minute abs?  P90X?  Running? I’m all ears.

PS – I did take the dog for a run this AM and do feel strangely energized.  Perhaps there is something to this exercise thing. . .


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