Admittedly it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something other than a business update – “Fannie Mae changes down payment requirements to 75%” or “FHA raises mortgage insurance too damn much” or some such industry jargon.  But today’s post is different.  Today’s post is a reflection of something that really matters in the grand scheme of things.

Yesterday I received a text from a former colleague about a good man that passed away unexpectedly.  Truth be told, I didn’t know Dan Hamada tremendously well.  I saw him sporadically over a four year period while working at PRM.  But what I do know is that he was loved by his family, by his friends and by his co-workers and colleagues.  He was fun, he was kind, he was steady and reliable – solid, thoughtful – the type of person we all strive to be and the type of person we would want in a friend.

I would see Dan occasionally at a company party or a company business trip.  I can’t remember ever hearing him say anything negative about someone else.  I do remember always feeling comfortable around him and that he was quick to laugh and have fun.

I wish I had known him better and I realize I’m not the most qualified to pay tribute to him.  But what I do know is that we lost someone special yesterday.  Rest in peace Dan.



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