Fun with Solicitors Part 2


My Name is Jodi Posey and I was reaching out to you to see if you would be interested in assisting some of our home buyers. We have people coming to us looking to do purchase loans. We send all of these people to one exclusive loan officer per county.  We are currently looking to fill some openings in your area. Since we only work with one loan officer in each county we are filling these openings on a first come first serve basis.  If you would like some information on this and how we could generate you extra business please feel free to contact me.

Everything runs on a MONTH to MONTH basis without contracts.We Only work with one preferred Lender per area. From there, it is only $195/month per county you exclusively own. You keep 100% of your commission! My goal is to have you work with 15-20 new buyers with NO MAX every month! Since my clients close 1 out of 8 buyers we send, I intend on you adding 1-2 closings to what you are already closing per month.

Jodi Posey
Senior Representative
Direct: (443) 603-1015

Jodi –

Are you and Courtney Flayhart in some sort of contest to see who can pay me more money?   didn’t know that every email that I rescued from the confines of my spam folder would be so great!  I love junk mail now!  And here I thought the most interesting thing I would receive today was a link to and a rare form of internet STDs.

Somehow I pictured myself languishing in debtor’s prison a year from now making terrible choices like whether I would have to chew off my own fingers for sustenance or try to trap one of the less stealthy rats occupying my cell.  But here you are, a beacon of hope in a sea of desperate mortgage times.

I’m amazed that not only will you send me vast truckloads of Benjamin Franklins but you’ll also do so without me having to even sign a contract!  You people are so generous!

I’m not sure why you are also offering me the opportunity of owning an entire county for $195 per month.  But that sounds fun.  Can I arrest anyone I want when I own the county?  Would it be possible to purchase fireworks on random days and just celebrate being awesome for no particular reason?  I’ve never owned a county before.  Do you know anyone that has?  I would imagine it would really annoy the government for citizens to purchase whole counties for $195 per month – how do you get away with it?

I’m worried this might be illegal.  Will we have to live life on the lam and wander aimlessly around the countryside?

You people think big.  I like it.

Send me my millions and tell me what more I need to do to actually own all of Clackamas County.



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