The Perils of Being an Aalto

For the most part, having a last name like Aalto is not a bad thing.  Alphabetically, it’s great – you’re typically at the beginning of the line anytime that a last name determines a sequential order.  And, even when you’re first in line for something unpleasant, at least you get it over with quickly.  And all the better when you are anticipating something great.  For someone who tends to like to move quickly – like me – being first in line is not a bad thing.  The name itself means “ocean wave” in Finnish.  Not terribly threatening but also not terribly wimpy either.  All in all, a good solid name.

But when it comes to “butt dialing” it’s not a good name.  Most cell phones also list names in alphabetical order.  So the odds of receiving an accidental call triggered by someone’s posterior  is astronomically higher than someone with a last name like Smith or Potrezbie or Fonebone (if you like old Mad magazines, which I do).  English: iphone Deutsch: iphone

And so, at 3 AM (on the nose by the way) I received what I can only imagine to be a posterior motivated call from a customer.  The voice mail was a rather nondescript, garbled sound collage of what I imagine to be windshield wipers and road noise.  It’s possible that one of my customers was thinking about another refinance and 3 AM was the perfect time to call.  But, seeing as I neither speak nor understand windshield wiper languages (quite different from the clicking sound of the Hottentots of South Africa) the true motivation of the call was lost on me.

So here I am, roughly two hours removed from the “butt dial” event, waiting for coffee and contemplating the day.  I will be curious to see if my customer will call me during normal hours.  If so, I may just tell him I changed my name to something a little farther down in his address book.

Have a great day and if you haven’t already, set a password for your phone – most posteriors can’t figure them out.


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