Turn Green!!

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When I was little I somehow thought that I could change stop lights from red to green.  Sitting at a red light and waiting was apparently too much.  So I would take a deep breath, take a long look at the light, give my best intimidating squinty eyed look and proclaim – with mad dashes of hope – “turn green!!”  Sometimes magic happened and the light instantly turned green.  But on other occasions, waiting became more waiting.  Hopes were dashed; calamities sure to ensue.

So it was with a great deal of mirth that I heard my daughter confidently telling the red lights to turn green from the backseat last week.  No hesitation in the delivery, voice calm, confidence assured – she’s got this thing down.  Apparently when she spends time with my Mom she gets the “down low” on all the goofy things I did as a kid.  It’s fun and a little scary – I can’t imagine anyone truly believing what I held to be true during my younger years.

What was really funny last week was my daughter’s question:  “Dad, you do know that you can time your reply right?  I mean, when you know the light in the other direction is turning red that’s the perfect time to say ‘turn green’ and it works every time.  You knew that right?” 

My daughter is destined to be smarter than me.


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