The Singing Zoo Lights

I totally get it – Zoo lights can’t sing.  They are capable of twinkling, flashing and cute animation all while causing minor retina damage to us onlooker types.  And they really are spectacular in all their twinkly sparkly glory.  “Look at me!  Look at me!” they say, each scene competing with one another like those neighbors down the street that stop traffic with their gaudy display of holiday lights and reindeer scenes.  Who knew that the Zoo could be transformed into such a magical place?  I certainly didn’t.  But there I was last week, freezing my tuckus off and enjoying a concert my daughter participated in with her choir from Beverly Cleary school.

My wife, my Mom and I had the privilege of heading over to the Zoo with our daughter to watch her and a gaggle of her classmates belt out a selection of holiday favorites.  True, I’m not following proper plural syntax to refer to a large number of children as a “gaggle.”  However, with how cold it was outside, most of the kids did resemble strangely colored fowl with their jackets, hats, mittens etc.  I envisioned them squawking noisily at each other before running back to the aviary to join their feathered cousins.  Instead, all of us in attendance were treated to a great concert complete with dance moves, improvisation and the cuteness factor that only third and fourth graders can achieve.

At one point a spectator not related to any of the children singing decided to stand right in front of me and then proceeded to sing along very loudly and very off-key.  He seemed very excited to realize he knew all the words to the songs being sung.  After mumbling a series of jokes that I couldn’t quite understand, he eventually wandered off into the crowd and all was right once again in the universe.  It was one of those especially bizarre  moments that Hallmark doesn’t carry cards for.

So why the title to today’s blog?  Well, if there were ever a great name for a choir performing at the Zoo, the Singing Zoo Lights is it.

Try not to freeze your tuckus off today.  I hear it leads to singing off-key to all of your holiday favorites.


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