My Toothless Muse

It’s been about a year and a half now since I first decided to work on my blog.  During that time I have come up with a few different conclusions.  First, my Muse is a fickle toothless old lady that gets up when she wants, occasionally watches soap operas when I am trying to come up with new ideas, drools all over my furniture and is as dependable as a beat up Yugo lying in some yard out in an industrial area.  One minute she inspires me and I find myself writing about the attack of zombie Christmas trees in Astoria and the next all I can think about is how annoying it is to be charged by the city of Portland for picking up my leaves – whether I choose to participate or not.  I don’t think that WordPress comes with a Muse update but if it does, I am parting with $19.95 and calling it good.

Since writing I’ve also come to the realization that it’s really hard to predict what sorts of things that people find interesting.  Just yesterday I made the mistake of assuming that everyone shares my opinion that a movie with “Ernest” in the title would be a sure-fire waste of brain cells.  And yet, here was a Realtor that I know and respect commenting that she watches “Ernest Saves Christmas” every year – on purpose.  I’ve watched a lot of bad TV and movies by accident but I could tell from the sincerity of her comment that she actually looks forward to watching this movie annually.  If WordPress has a service to remove my foot from my mouth I’m sending in the additional $19.95 via pay-pal for that plug-in too.

All in all, WordPress is a great tool and a wonderful resource.  Blogging has been a great outlet and it’s been a lot of fun to interact with friends, family, customers and business partners in ways that I couldn’t have imagined previously.  But until recently, I wasn’t aware of just how many interactions I was “missing” out on because of my spam filter.  When I checked the spam this morning it became apparent my blog has a hidden agenda that includes the procurement of photos of celebrities without clothes, ways to shed 19 pounds in two weeks and how to be the life of any party.

Thanks for reading today and have a great week.


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