Leaving Arizona

November in Oregon is typically when we see a change from grey and rainy to grey and rainy with an attitude.  And with loads of leaves to rake.  Such is the life in our neck of the woods when you have a mammoth 100-year-old Elm tree in front of your house with enough leaves to cover several lawns up and down the block.  Which it does – with pride.  Our tree takes Fall seriously, much to the chagrin of our immediate neighbors.  I seem to recall breaking a rake last year around this time.  I think the tree actually laughed, but that was probably just my imagination.  Tree 1 Mark 0.

Demented trees, rain and leaves aside, the onset of winter is not my favorite time of year.  I’m not yet to the point of suffering from seasonal affective disorder but by February it will be close. There’s just something about having less than 12 hours of daylight that is a bit disorienting:  it’s dark when I wake up and dark when I go home from work.  But thankfully, there is hut buttered rum and fireplaces.

For years my wife and I have talked about hitting the road right around Thanksgiving and depositing ourselves in a sunny locale.  Preferably by a pool.  Last Wednesday we took a plane to Phoenix and finally made good on our goal.  We arrived to sunny skies and a temperature just shy of 80 degrees.  It was amazing.  We stayed at Wild Horse Pass resort and basically did nothing but relax for four days.  It was beyond therapeutic, to say the least.  The service was great, the food was amazing and the weather?  Unbelievable.

I know that Thanksgiving is all about hanging out with friends and family and remembering all the reasons we should be thankful every day.  It’s a good time for reflection and for realizing just how lucky we are.  At the same time, there is certainly something to be said for packing up a couple of suitcases and getting away from everything for a few days.  This may just become a tradition.

Happy belated Thanksgiving and have a great Tuesday.


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