Dogless in Portland

It sounds like some bad title to a personal add in Willamette Week (minus the bizarre fetishes and assorted acronyms that I am scared to decipher) but here it is, Wednesday October 26th and JJ, Ella and I are “Dogless in Portland.”

Not to be content with the riotous din of one puppy, we had to get two back in June.  And now, both are in training down in Salem for the next several weeks.  Will they come back as good puppy citizens armed with a bevy of new commands that they are capable of understanding?  Will they cock their head winningly when we call them and stop the pursuit of some hapless squirrel?  I’m all about domestic happiness and nothing sounds better than relaxing in my favorite chair and having one of them fetch my slippers, martini, tobacco pipe etc.  It could happen, right?

The house feels very quite without them here.  Too quiet.  I find myself already tripping over dog toys that are not yet put away.  They’ll be back in early December but that seems a long way off at this point.


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