The Glorious Annual Swimathon

Well, Fall is officially here.  Our tree out front is dumping leaves all over the place which signifies the annual cycle of raking, complaining, raking more, cursing, etc.  Among other things wet, soggy and wonderful there exists the special smell of wood smoke from fireplaces and wood stoves in the neighborhood.  I tell the leaves that they themselves would make a lovely aromatic addition to our own fireplace and yet they remain vigilant in their defiance of me.  They blow this way and that and settle into places that they shouldn’t be able to inhabit with their leafy goodness.  Our tree out front is large and in charge and the leaves remind me of such each Fall.

This is also the time of year that my daughter has her annual fund-raiser for her swim team.  USA Swimming is in need of funds to locate the next Michael Phelps and my daughter’s swim club participates in raising funds.  In all honesty, the majority of the funds actually go to the team itself, the coaches, the renting of facilities and salve for towel burns from locker room antics.  Okay the last part is a stretch but everything else is true.

And here is where I actually abuse my blog privileges a little.  Or a lot depending on your level of patience with me.  My daughter needs sponsors for her swimathon this year.  In years past we have had employers and friends contribute based on per lap contribution and I need to say up front that I don’t recommend this strategy whatsoever – it’s a one way ticket to the poorhouse.  As a seven-year old she swam over 160 laps.  Now that she is nine, I anticipate her circling the globe several times all the while tiny cash machines generate turbulence in the water beside her.

So with all sel-esteem set to the side, I ask for a small contribution towards my daughter’s swim habit.  When she is on the front of a Wheaties box someday the twinkle in her eye will remind you – in a good way of course – of the small fortune invested into her swimming career when you gave .25 per lap.

Have a great day and thanks for your indulgence.


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