An Oversimplification

Image representing Google Calendar as depicted...
Image via CrunchBase

I listened to a speech over the weekend about simplifying our lives. I snickered in the middle of it. Honestly, I just couldn’t help it.

Any time that I hear someone waxing eloquently about how things were so much better prior to the advent of cell phones, iTunes, computers, twitter etc I can’t help but think each generation does something similar. When the horse and buggy was replaced by the automobile society as a whole was threatened, on the brink of anarchy and motorized vehicles were a “perversion.” When the Beatles became popular back in the mid 1960s life as we knew it was going to end and the parents of the time reminisced about the music from the Big Band era. Society somehow survived in both cases and the legacy of each is still with us today. (Ironically enough, my daughter has “discovered” the Beatles this year and loves their music)

And yet, for all that technology has to offer us, it certainly doesn’t seem like we have more spare time. This is where I can completely commiserate with the speaker. In general, technology just seems to make us impatient more quickly. Whatever time our inventions have saved in our lives is immediately gobbled up by PTA meetings, swimathon events, meetings, etc. We just seem to have a knack for it.

Just a few months ago JJ and I realized that we could sync up our calendars using Google calendar. It was a revelation. We can now keep track of exactly how insane our lives have become using our smart phones. Although tougher to do, it’s still completely possible to double book ourselves and to fail to grasp just how much time any one task is truly going to take. I’m convinced the day JJ and I synced our phones the internet became noticeably slower.

So here I am, Monday morning, staring at the calendar for the week – on my phone no less – and the appointments, meetings and deadlines are not a cause for stress. Quite frankly, they are a cause for gratitude.

I’m grateful my wife and I live full lives. There are definitely times when it would be nice to slow down but where is the adventure in that?

Have a great day.


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