It’s All Relative

Nice waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge ne...
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I’m not sure what the plural form of relatives should be.  Is it bevy?  Is it gaggle?  Is it stable?  Whatever the word, JJ has a slew of relatives in Wisconsin. (Notice I decided to use slew – it just sounded like fun so I chose it).

This week one of JJ’s cousin and his wife decided to visit us here at Chez Aalto.  It’s the first time since JJ and I were married back in 1993 that her cousin has been out to the Pacific Northwest and the first time for his wife.  They’ll be leaving in an hour or two and it will be a bit of an adjustment getting used to not having them here.

Last night over dinner they were reciting their rather impressive statistics of locations and locales visited.  They packed a lot into just a week.

In my opinion, those of us that live here permanently sometimes forget what an amazing place we have chosen as our home.  Sometimes all it takes is driving someone out to visit Bridal Veil Falls via the historic highway up in the gorge.  To hike up a trail to Multnomah Falls and to marvel along with your guest at just how beautiful the area is and how awestruck we are when viewing such natural splendor.  To view the majesty of the Columbia River.  To contemplate the unfathomable slowness of glaciers at work that eventually led to the Columbia gorge itself.  To talk about Boiler Bay, the Devil’s punchbowl, whale viewing, and long walks along the beach.

Not only has having our visitors been fun, it’s also renewed my interest in exploring our state and has made me once again realize how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place.

We have a few more really nice days before Fall kicks in – let’s get out there and explore.

Have a great weekend.


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