Top 10 List for 9-21-2011

Image by chris.corwin via Flickr

One of the owners of my company asked me to write out the ten reasons that business partners and consumers would want to work with me.  And so there I was, thinking of reasons that probably wouldn’t be a good idea to share with anyone:  the ability to recite the first page of the Canterbury Tales in Middle English; having an illogical dislike of Volvos; having a fear of motivational tapes and CDs etc. And then came the reasons like “never murdered a client” and such.  The longer I thought about it the more absurd my answers became.  After a few private laughs I eventually came up with a list that appeared safe for public and company consumption.

All kidding aside, exercises like this one are a great way to refocus and remember why it is that we do what we do on a daily basis.

Doing mortgages in 2011 is not for the faint of heart.  The job is fraught full of peril:  declining home values, increasing scrutiny of applicants, an onslaught of legislation, shortening tempers, delays from paperwork, etc.  But for those of us that are “lifers” in the industry the combination of masochism, stubbornness and determination is enough for us to continue in this line of work.  Call me crazy but I still absolutely love my job.  The challenges have become tougher but not enough to truly discourage me from helping consumers purchase homes and refinance homes.  Apparently I found my calling 20 years ago and even today feel energized when I think about my career.

I have compiled the list here for your enjoyment.  If you have any feedback let me know.  Have a great Wednesday!

Click here to see my top 10 list


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