Fur Therapy

When our family had to say goodbye to our 15 year old Lab-Retriever mix in January of this year it created a real void.  Whereas most sane individuals would look at the heartache and angst caused by the passing of an amazing dog and either get a guinea pig or a pet rock, we took a more radical path and now have two Lab puppies in our midst.  I know, I know.  We’re absolutely insane.  But, it is fun – in a crazy kind of way that most of us probably wouldn’t want to admit to.

I’ve heard the phrase “pitter patter of little feet” used to describe the idealized version of children waking up in the morning.  As can be imagined, such a noise – or lack of noise – is certainly not present in our household.  I would describe having two Labs waking up in the morning and running across the room as more of a “thundering herd” or “riotous din” as opposed to some idealized notion of calm dogs splayed out on the floor full of sleep drunkenness.  I’m tempted to shout out “release the hounds” every time I let them out of their crates.  I don’t of course, but it would be fun.

Most of the time our dogs are in a mood that is somewhere between sack of potatoes and electric “OMGIHAVETOCHASEMYTAIL” blur of energy.  Both of them are just about four months old now and their personalities are starting to become more and more apparent.  Gus, the goofy yellow Lab and Lu, the more energetic and graceful one.  A couple weeks ago, we almost lost Lu, our female black Lab, to some sort of bacterial infection that the vet still hasn’t idenitified.  Since that time, she has really mellowed out and has become much more sweet and affectionate.  Both dogs have calmed down quite a bit in the last couple of weeks and it feels like we are finally into a manageable routine.

This morning my wife JJ was getting ready for what will amount to an absolutely insane day for her.  On top of teaching for an entire day she’ll then be meeting with parents until about 9 PM tonight.  That’s a long day.  As for myself, it’s a busy time in the mortgage industry and each day starts out with the promise of sanity and order and somehow ends 180 degrees from what would be deemed an ideal day.  And yet, neither my wife nor myself would have things any different.

And even when the day is a complete cluster mess, we know that we have a couple of energetic and fun dogs to come home to.  Ella, JJ and myself all know that even the worst day feels a lot better with a little fur therapy.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to “release the hounds” one more time before I have to run off to the bus stop with my daughter.

Have a great day!


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