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Although I’ve had Spotify for a few weeks now, I still find myself getting used to it.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, Spotify is the latest and greatest as far as internet music is concerned.  From what I have read, Spotify is fairly new to the US but has been used in Europe for some time. Technically you have to either be invited or send a request for an invitation directly to Spotify.

To me the interface is very similar to iTunes and I would imagine those of you that have an iPod of some sort will find the user functions to be virtually identical.  The big difference with the program and what makes it unique is the ability to look up just about any music by any artist and customize a user selected playlist.  How cool is that?

My only misgivings about the program were those surrounding copyright laws.  As a former musician, I do believe it’s important for royalties to be paid to musicians and for copyright laws to be respected.  From what I have read, Spotify deals with these issues correctly.  True, it’s not a lot of fun to have commercials but the commercials pay the artists and take care of copyright issues.  Works for me.

If you haven’t already, give Spotify a try.  I have a few invitations available if you need one.


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