Uh Oh

P Mickey
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Last night my wife heard me laughing in the kitchen and asked me what was up.  It’s certainly not out of the ordinary for me to look at my phone and snicker a bit.  I don’t have what you would call a sophisticated sense of humor – typically a lolcat or two is enough to make me laugh hysterically to the point of my productivity dropping off any sort of measurable scale.  (If you are not familiar with the term “lolcat” try googling it for a good laugh or two).  But there it was, 8 PM at night and I had just received a new google alert:

Mark Aalto Mug Shot
Mug Shot for Mark Aalto booked into the Lee county jail.

My wife looked at me askance.  After all, we were just in Florida last month when she and I took our daughter Ella to Disneyworld.  I can recall the heat, humidity and crowds being a bit overwhelming at times but I certainly don’t remember getting booked for assaulting Mickey Mouse or stealing fast pass tickets.  I do love the Pirates of the Caribbean ride but not to the extent of becoming a rogue, shooting cannon at merchant vessels, spending time behind bars etc.

But here we were in the kitchen with my wife giving me a look that can be best described as “what did you do now?”  It wasn’t until she looked at the photo that I was truly off the hook.  “Oh, I guess that isn’t you.”  Admittedly, I had a somewhat similar reaction when I realized that I’m never going to be 6 feet tall and weigh 220 pounds.  Apparently being height challenged can actually be a benefit at times.

Just remember, what happens in Disneyworld doesn’t always stay in Disneyworld.


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