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Last week my family and I arrived back in Portland after spending a week in Disneyworld.  Yes, you did read that correct – we spent a week of our Summer in Mickey’s swamp.   Technically our resort was called Fort Wilderness but it’s hard to look past 100% humidity with 100 degree temperatures without thinking of a swamp.  I can see why a lot of visitors wait until the winter months to fly to sunny Florida. 

Disneyworld is immense.  To be quite frank, it’s overwhelming – there are roughly seven theme parks in all, each of which have marquee attractions and all the sweating humanity that goes along with such attractions.  Having grown up on the West Coast, I am used to Disneyland which seems tiny in comparison.  All in all, it was a really fun trip but we were glad to come back to Oregon.

I’m sure that it’s no surprise to anyone that coming back from vacation to a full work schedule is a bit of an adjustment.  After all, while we were gone in Florida the credit rating for the United States was downgraded and the market was in absolute turmoil.  Each time I would walk past a newspaper stand in Florida I would do my absolute best to completely ignore the headlines but events like the ones we witnessed a couple of weeks ago are pretty tough to overlook.

I remember stating last year that I’d rather read about history than live through it.  And yet, here we are again living through events that at times seem completely surreal.  What we hoped would be merely a chapter appears to be just a volume in a long series. 

It’s good to be back.  And, after a visit to the “Mouse House,” I can safely say I’m even more appreciative of the beautiful place we live.  Talk with you soon.


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