Ninjas Amongst Us

I live in a home that has a ninja.  All the signs have been there all along but I failed to recognized them at first glance.  Let’s review the facts available:  dressed in black from head to toe?  Check.  Speak a language I don’t understand?  Check.  Sneak around and attack without provocation?  Check.  Armed with small weapons that are sharp and powerful?  Check and check yet again.  A ninja in our household.  Who knew?

The upside to all of this is that Lu is our nine week old lab puppy and quite honestly, she’s probably one of the world’s worst ninjas.  First and foremost, she doesn’t understand that even when she is being sneaky and crawling on the floor we can still see her.  It’s really funny to see her moving slowly toward you with this mischievous look in her eyes.  And then, right when she is about ten inches from your feet she pounces.   She probably gets all of three inches off the floor and lands right in front of your feet.  She then looks sheepishly up at you as if to say “was that scary for you?’  It’s actually quite endearing but I do hope she doesn’t keep this up once she is fully grown.  That could be awkward.

Ninja puppies are not just challenging because of their tendency to launch sneak attacks from all angles.  Oh no, that would be too easy.  They also seem to have a great need for running covert operations in the middle of the night when the rest of us are trying to sleep.  It’s a frequent question that I ask my wife at 3 AM and it goes something like this:  “areyoumkritcnkiddingme?”  Basically, “JJ, did you just hear our sweet little ninja asking for additional night-time training exercises again?”  But a sleep heavy tongue does not work properly and whatever hilarity that comes out of me is lost upon my still sleeping wife. 

All in all, having the world’s most diminutive ninja in our home has turned out surprisingly well.  Lu seems to be adapting to our schedule and she already feels like a very natural extension of our family. 

The sleep deprivation part of this whole process has been tough at times but when I look into that sweet little face it’s all worth it.  Especially when Lu has that sneaky look in her eyes.  Ninja time.


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