Lu Lu’s Waltz

Summer has arrived and the days are getting longer.  Coincidentally, our new puppy has arrived and now our nights are getting longer as well.  For those of you that have raised a puppy before you know exactly what I mean.

On Saturday our family picked up Loop D’Lu from Sunnyview Labs in Salem.  She is a beautiful black lab and has instantly won our hearts over.  At 6 weeks old she is quite diminutive in stature and when I look at her tiny form it’s hard to imagine that someday she is going to be around 70 pounds.  It’s also hard to imagine that our newest addition can raise such a din in the middle of the night. 

On Saturday evening we put Lu in her crate and within 30 minutes were treated to a symphony of screeching seagulls accompanied by wailing banshees and bagpipes.  I’ve never been a big fan of free jazz or some of the more discordant avant-garde art forms that characterize modern symphonic music, and yet here I was, being treated to something that even Cecil Taylor might be shocked by.  More than likely I was dreaming at the time her impromptu concert began and as the piece moved from adante to allegro, to a waltz-like section into its chaotic conclusion, I woke out of my slumber looking for the nearest cliff to hurl myself off.  This dog would make a passable diva with the set of pipes she possesses.

As each day has passed, we’re seeing a little more activity from Lu and are getting better at figuring out how to ease her into our human schedules.  Not surprisingly, the trick is to tire her out prior to putting her to bed.  Last night after completing a puppy triathlon, winning the gold in several olympic events and chasing her tale incessantly, little Lu was tired enough to sleep through half the night.

My daughter is convinced that the real key to Lu’s nocturnal improvement has been turning the radio station from contemporary pop music to country.  She may be right.  If so, sign me up as another fan. 

Hope you have a good night’s sleep.  Talk to you tomorrow!


One thought on “Lu Lu’s Waltz

  1. You didn’t just get a puppy ….. you got a black Lab puppy! Tons of energy is being built up as you sleep. In fact, I bet there is an Einstein theorum about the amount of energy that builds as Lab puppies sleep – then expend it during day – about the time you get home and want to …. relax!

    Been there and done it (except never with Labs!). Good luck – keep your patience – no matter what it is, they’ll grow out of it!!

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