Pacific Residential Mortgage

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with another Loan Officer that was visiting my office to find out more about Pacific Residential Mortgage.  It’s been a very common occurrence over the last couple of years for Loan Officers to explore different options with new companies as the complexity of doing business in our industry necessitates new strategies and attitudes.  I’ve written before that I would much rather read about history than live through it.  The sentiment hasn’t changed over the last couple years, that is for sure. 

When I have the chance to talk with peers in this industry we share very similar stories and the issues that we face revolve around the same challenges:  constantly changing regulations, inconsistent lending policies, confused consumers, unrealistic expectations etc.  Our world is changing and evolving quickly and sometimes the pressure of keeping on top of everything can be overwhelming.  I’ve never appreciated my peers as much as I do in this current environment.  My fellow Loan Officers confirm that the world as we know it has changed and that we are all doing our best to advocate for our consumers in this dynamic and constantly changing financial world. 

I’ve only had a couple of times in my adult life in which I have had to make a major career change.  In my case, it’s an agonizing process.  I hate leaving an employer unless it is absolutely necessary.  But when all is said and done, I’d have to say without exception that the choice has always been worth the endless agony leading up to the inevitable decision to pursue new opportunities elsewhere. 

When I talk with other Loan Officers I can honestly say that I work for what I feel is the best run mortgage company in Oregon.  It’s a challenging time for our industry but I am grateful for the management team at our company; they make decisions on a daily basis to advocate for consumers and Loan Officers alike. 

If you know of a Loan Officer that is looking for a company that can help them navigate the turbulent waters of our current lending environment, please feel free to have them give me a call.  I’ve faced the difficult decision of changing companies recently myself.

If on the other hand you know of someone looking to purchase or refinance a home, I have a feeling I can help you with that too.

Have a great Friday.  See you Monday!


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