Pandora’s Box Opened

Oinomaus and Myrtilus racing
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When I was my daughter’s age I read a lot of Greek mythology.  It’s hard not to be fascinated by polytheism, monsters and adventures and to an eight year old those old stories were captivating.  Like most myths, they were replete with lessons and morals intermixed with epic battles and powerful heroes. 

I still find examples of Greek mythology in my everyday interactions with media, internet, businesses and consumers.  At this very moment, I am listening to a Steely Dan song based loosely on The Odyssey.  And, of course, the song is playing on Pandora, my favorite internet radio program.  I’d be really curious to know the reasons the creators of Pandora chose to name their service after what can only be deemed a fairly depressing Greek myth.  For those of you that aren’t familiar, Pandora is the story of a very curious Greek woman who could not resist the temptation of opening a box she was repeatedly warned not to open.  Once the box was opened, disease, sickness etc was released upon human kind.  Not necessarily a bright and cheery thing to name a product after. 

Pandora has become a daily ritual with my daughter and I.  Typically by the time she is up and about I have been listening to a few of my favorite stations for about 30 to 45 minutes.  Most mornings she asks me to switch to Justin Bieber.  I typically tease her a bit about “Bieber fever” but am pretty quick to give in.  Having grown up in the seventies, it’s hard to imagine that anything kids listen to these days can be much worse than some of what I was subjected to at her age.  Even those of you that have a hard time relating to some of the current artists that are popular these days have to admit that just about anything is better than some of the music popular at the height of the disco era. 

Just a couple of years ago, I worked occasionally with a lender named Hyperion.  Everything on their product list was named after Greek heroes or after Greek myths.  Even their passwords featured similar references.  Their best clients became known as “Titans” depending on the number of loans closed with their organization.  I enjoyed the references and they were actually a really good lender to work with. 

My daughter will be coming downstairs here shortly and the music selection will change pretty dramatically.  Maybe I’ll tell her that Justin Bieber slayed the Hydra and stole the golden fleece from Usher.  Now that would be something.


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