A Brief Weekend Rundown

Portland Timbers
Image by ChrisYunker via Flickr

Boy, what a great weekend.  I’m already experiencing the first validation of that statement – I’m looking at my email and attempting to write a blog entry and feel like my brain is a bunch of uncooked oatmeal.  I understand that oatmeal lacks consciousness and that’s pretty much how I feel at the moment.  My thought process feels one level above catatonic.

Over the weekend we had a chance to attend our first Timbers game as a family.  Even though the Timbers lost amidst a flurry of weird plays and last-minute goals, the overall experience was great.  The field itself is amazing and it was absolutely awesome to see first hand all the changes made to the stadium.  The atmosphere was also tremendous and I find myself in a state of disbelief that we can actually sell out a stadium for soccer here in Portland.  There were some really strange officiating calls during the game that I found myself challenged to explain.  Even now I’m wondering how in the world Portland was given two additional chances at a free kick – probably one of the more bizarre things I have ever seen with any kind of professional sporting event.  And another thought:  what gives with watering the artificial turf at half time?

Yesterday it was actually nice enough to do yard work and to finally have the chance to work on some outdoor projects.  It felt so good to finally see some sun and to have the time to really enjoy it.  It has been so wet this year – it honestly feels like someone has taken a huge, wet grey towel, hung it over the city and beaten it daily with all of us getting drenched in the process.  Strange imagery I know but it looks rather strange out now.  Taking a walk has been almost eerie on some days – there is so much green around us that it feels like any natural light has a “glowing” feel to it.  It’s been surreal. 

My assistant, Sara, is gone for the rest of this week so as I’m typing this AM I do so with the realization that it’s likely to be a very interesting week.  I’m going to go grab a cup of coffee or two and try to be ready.

Have a great week.  And, thank you veterans for making this weekend possible.


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