Google Calendar Saves the Day!

May - Oct 2006 Calendar
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We have a lot of events to keep track of here at Chez Aalto.  Between Ella’s many interests – ranging from swimming to camping to choir – our days are full.  Add to that my wife’s full-time teaching position and my crusade to save the world from bad mortgage experiences and you have a recipe for scheduling difficulties.  More accurately, you have a recipe for disaster.

Just this week Sara and I closed a loan for a former colleague of mine from my previous mortgage company.  He was absolutely wonderful to work with and was instrumental in solving my calendar dilemma.  It all started when I started receiving his paperwork.  Rather than using regular email, faxes or – gasp – snail mail, he indicated he would send me information via googledocs.  I felt 100 years old and had no idea what he was talking about.  “Poodle crocs,” I exclaimed, “are those outdoor shoes for poodles?”  He patiently explained how folders can be set up within gmail and can then be shared with other parties.  It was a perfect way of exchanging information and I came away from the experience very impressed. 

Later during our loan process I mentioned that my wife and I were having issues keeping track of family events, personal events, work events, Save the Whales events, Charlie Sheen sing-a-longs, you name it.  It was becoming virtually impossible to keep track of everything and having separate calendars posted on our family bulletin board just wasn’t working.  With genuine concern in his voice, my customer asked my wife and I had tried sharing a google calendar.  Once again I found myself at a loss for words and in desperate need of a ticket to the clue bus.  Luckily my customer was patient and willing to share his knowledge with me.  By the end of the conversation, I came to the conclusion that this new resource had very likely solved my family’s busy schedule single-handedly.

I am now proud to say that within a couple of weeks of implementing a family calendar through google my wife and I are easily able to see what events are on the immediate horizon, deal with scheduling conflicts and plan accordingly.  It’s restoring some semblance of sanity to our hectic lives.  And my wife and I are enjoying getting our inner nerd on; we now have our “smart” phones synced up with our calendar and get reminders ahead of time when we are meeting with clients, attending swim meets, visiting the pope etc. 

Technology really is amazing isn’t it?  And to my wonderful client, thanks again for all your help.  I hope you love your new condo.  If you ever want to schedule time for lunch or coffee I’m ready and will gladly add it to the calendar you helped me create. 

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading today.


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