Raising the Bar

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I have found over the course of the last couple years that a different skill set is needed in today’s real estate market to be successful.  It’s no longer enough to have a high degree of expertise nor is it enough to be extremely personable and responsive.  In my opinion, successful Realtors and Loan Officers in today’s market must be well-rounded professionals that are really in tune with the needs of their customers.  Expertise and experience are a minimum requirement, not an excuse for extreme personality defects.  Conversely, being likeable and engaging is wonderful but it does not make up for a lack of depth of knowledge.  In addition, it’s crucial that Realtors truly know how to negotiate and that Loan Officers truly understand credit risk.  The bar has been raised.

Yesterday Sara and I met with a really great Realtor that we recently closed a transaction with.  I was really impressed by her ability to negotiate with a difficult seller and to bring a very complicated purchase to a successful close.  But it wasn’t just the results that I took notice of – it was also the way in which she treated all parties to the transaction and the interaction she had with each of us.  I felt like she had a really firm grasp of what the underlying issues involved were as well as the personality traits of the people she was working with.  I really appreciated her compassion, her grace and her communication style.  It became clear that she wanted all parties to experience a successful closing and understood that each of us might have a different definition of what “success” meant.

Over lunch Sara and I learned about her family and the things that were important to her on a personal level.  We listened to some of the things that challenge her with her business and what steps she has taken to overcome professional obstacles.  I felt very impressed by her level of dedication and how much she truly cared about her customers.  She really has her priorities in the right order and is shows, both in words and deeds.

It’s always a really great feeling to meet with someone who really inspires us and embodies traits that we admire and respect.  It makes me reflect on my own actions and conduct and motivates me to become a better person and professional.  It also confirms that we don’t need to “settle” for anything less than what we are truly capable of.  We should expect the same of the people we do business with as well.

Have a great day and I hope someone you interact with today inspires you as well.


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