Ella’s Bridge

Right now there is a miniature version of the Fremont bridge sitting on top of our dining room table. Sure, it’s smaller than the real thing and composed of cardboard, masking tape and string as opposed to concrete and steel girders. But it’s really impressive. To think that my eight year old, Ella, was able to put this together over the course of a week is pretty amazing to me. I can’t imagine doing that at her age. 

Last night represented the final stages of the project and probably the most fun part as well.  As an example, we were able to find some images of Oregon flags on the internet to match the flags on top of the bridge.  A couple of pieces of tape and toothpicks later, we have a cardboard version of the bridge complete with miniature flags on top.  This morning Ella is awake early and planning to use highlighter to denote traffic lanes.  The only requirement for the bridge is that it must be able to support a model car on top of it without falling over.  In this case, Ella is using a tank.  Apparently we’re out of hot wheels at the house.  I figure if the bridge can support a tank it must be a success right?

The final step will be the car ride to the school.  When the original bridge was constructed in the early 1970s, large portions were moved up the river to their final home on the Willamette.  I can only imagine how much planning would have been involved and how much excitement would have been attributed to the event itself.  I bet they were relieved when the bridge was delivered safely and all the planning had a successful conclusion.  So at this point, we just have to get this cardboard concoction to Ella’s school without any mishaps or disasters.  The last thing in the world I want is for part of the bridge to fall apart on its final journey to the school.

I’m really happy that Ella gets opportunities to like this and am very proud of the good work she puts in.  If she starts wearing pocket protectors I may have to face the fact JJ and I are raising an engineer. . . .


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