Another Rumor, Another Great Month

Michelle and I relaxing in Chichen Itza
Image by olivcris via Flickr

I have heard the rumors swirling out there about the end of the world and its connection to the Mayan calendar.  Apparently the Mayans knew something the rest of us don’t and because their calendars all end on a particular day in 2012, all life will cease to exist on the next day.  Apparently this is even worse than Y2K when it was rumored that all computers would stop functioning and Donald Trump would use his computer to steal all the money out of your bank account.  Nostradamus wrote something similar and it read “in the year of Golden Arches the eagle will join with the King across the sea and rivers of fire will consume the eaters of Angus.”  Personally, I read his prediction to state that Ronald McDonald and the King will split a burger, get sick and require medical attention in Poland.  A bit of a stretch but hey, the stuff he wrote can be interpreted in so many ways it renders the information useless to begin with.

This all leads to May of 2011.  May 27th to be specific.  I am not sure the reason, but Sara and I are amazed that the vast majority of our loans for the month of May are magically scheduled to close on this date.  After consulting with experts, reading tea leaves, eating copious amounts of fortune cookies etc, we have come to the conclusion that this can only mean one thing:  the end of the earth will be on May 28th.  The Mayans were apparently wrong by a few months.

When all is said and done, the only thing that I can truthfully say is that May 27th is indeed going to be a busy day as are the days leading up to it. 

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the experts have it all wrong about any human made, arbitrary date on the calendar be it Gregorian, Roman or otherwise.  Cosmic time and human time strike me as being part of two very different and divergent paths.  It could be that the day after the Mayan calendar ends is when all library fees are due and payable.  It could be the day that we finally find Al Capone’s treasure.  Or, it could be just another busy month for Sara and I with many business partners and consumers relying on our ability to close our entire pipeline in a day. 

Sometimes it seems that the more obscure and strange a theory, the more likely it is to be accepted – at least on the internet.  So, let me start with a rumor – the start of the best time of our lives is now.  Today.  Let’s believe it and make it happen.


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