A Blog Sick Day

Colaptes auratus
Image via Wikipedia

I woke up this morning to a sore throat and to a general feeling of lousiness.  And so, in an act of complete genius, I slept an extra two hours.  When I finally made my way downstairs I was disappointed to find that my blog had not chosen to write itself.  What nerve.  Apparently it decided to take the entire day off.  And I was also a little let down to see that a group of magic critters hadn’t bothered to chip in and help out.  Wasn’t today the day that a cast of little mice were supposed to step on my keyboard (while singing an exceedingly cute song) and type out a complete diatribe of the state of the mortgage industry?  Or maybe it was supposed to be a cast of kangaroos.  I always get those two mixed up. 

In general, our house might be in an advanced state of Disneyfication.  Singing rodents.  Magic critters.  They could be anywhere.  We did have a couple finches that made a nest above one of our speakers on our back deck.  They didn’t do a lot more than create a large mess of discarded nesting materials and bird poop.  No catchy tunes, no dance numbers – just a big mess to clean up.  My wife has since taken last year’s nest to her classroom and hopefully there will be a lesson in there for the students.  The only lesson for me out of the whole thing is to not let birds create a nest on any portion of your home’s structure.  It just creates a big mess and bird expectations of a nest upgrade for the following year. 

Now if I can just sign up some critters to do my work for me – then we’d really be on to something.


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