Deck Time Soon

A backyard deck
Image via Wikipedia

I’m quite convinced that our backyard deck has been reduced to what can only be deemed the world’s largest (and probably dirtiest) doormat.  It’s hard to imagine wanting to spend a lot of time on it, especially in bare feet.  The combination of a steady supply of rain intermixed with a steady supply of energetic puppy has provided all the necessary ingredients to having our very own science experiment beyond our back door.  Perhaps it’s time to just put another layer of topsoil on it, put in a few rows of corn and call it good. 

Learned scientists tell us that prior to the 1990s decks weren’t all that common with a lot of back yards.  Instead, homeowners gazed longingly out their back windows, profoundly puzzled as to what should be done with the space just beyond the back door.  It’s possible that they were just smarter than our current generation of homeowners, especially when taking into consideration all the maintenance that goes into having a deck.

For the second weekend in a row I had the pleasure of sweeping, washing, cleaning, spraying and rinsing our deck.  It’s unbelievable just how much crud can get stuck between the boards and how much dirt accumulates in such a small period of time.  And after everything is said and done, after all the removal of dirt, my reward is more work; it’s plain that the deck needs to be stained again this summer.  I feel like I’m stuck in the middle of some crazy “Circle of Life” movie featuring my deck. 

Even though it’s hard to believe, nice days are soon going to be the norm as opposed to the exception.  Once that happens, all the work that goes into maintaining our deck is definitely going to be worth it.  I keep telling myself this is the truth so it has to happen right?

In spite of all the work, we really do enjoy having a deck.  It’s a great place to gather after events and a perfect place for dinner on a nice day.  Both JJ and Ella were working on projects outside yesterday and it was really awesome to have a place to hang out on a sunny day.  Let’s hope for more days just like that – and soon.


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