A Customer Thank You Story

W.F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody
Image by George Eastman House via Flickr

Sara and I have had some really great customers that we have worked with over the last year and a few months.  Amidst a refinance boom, ever-changing underwriting guidelines, declining values and economic uncertainties we have worked with a wonderful group of customers and Realtors.  In other words, even during challenging times we have been blessed to work with extraordinary people. 

Yesterday one of our very favorite customers stopped in to visit us right before she signed her refinance paperwork.  It wasn’t enough for her to just visit us – she also brought us some exceptionally fancy (and awesome) treats from Zupan’s.  We are truly going to miss working with her and feel very lucky to have had the chance to be involved with her financing.  Although a refinance or purchase lasts between 30 and 45 days, the time goes quickly and we truly miss our weekly/daily interactions with our customers once our transactions are complete. 

I’ve had people ask me over the years how on earth I come up with some of the crazy sayings or stories that I share with them during a transaction.  I normally laugh because my customers are typically the ones that give me my best material.  Most of the best stories (translation:  funniest) have either been directly related to loans or have been shared by consumers we have worked with.  Sometimes the stories are so funny that there is almost no possible way to forget them once they have been shared.  The only thing I can do is store them up and hope for the right moment to pass them on to others.

In the last few weeks I’ve had a customer share a great blog she wrote about a swearing jar that would cause any normal human being to spurt milk out their nose from laughing – had they been drinking milk when they read it.  And one of my very favorite Realtors told me she has to constantly keep her dogs out of her underwear drawer when company comes over – cross dressing golden retrievers are so 1985.  I had thought that no one could top my personal story of being slapped on the rear at my first job out of college when I worked for HUD.  But when I shared my tale with a customer she did indeed top it – she had been the victim of a moped “drive by” rear slapping when in Italy.  Another customer showed me a royalty check signed by Van Halen.  That wasn’t so much funny as it was all kinds of awesome.  A few years back a customer gave me a book that had been written about his collection of Old West artifacts, guns etc.  It was really amazing and I’ve never seen anything like it. 

For those of you that have shared your stories and your laughter with Sara and I we can’t thank you enough.  We learn a lot from talking with you and the things you share with us are the highlights of our day. 

I rely on word of mouth from current and past customers to stay in business.  But as much as anything, I rely on the stories and laughter shared to stay sane in these crazy times.


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