A Perfect Saturday

It’s February outside through and through.  Cold, wet, nasty.  But us Oregonians are tough right?  We’re used to this stuff and we either trudge through it or take a trip to a sunny locale.  You’d never know it today but on Saturday it was beautiful outside.  And it wasn’t just clear out either – it was actually warm.  I’d go a step further and say that it was a perfect day.

I openly admit that Spring has been a bit of a letdown so far this year but it’s still by far my favorite season.  It felt great to get out in the yard on Saturday and get a few things in order.  JJ, Ella and I took a fairly lengthy walk and it was amazing to see how many neighbors were out enjoying the day.  It makes you realize how difficult it is to be social with people on your block when we’re all stuck inside trying to stay dry.

Try as I might, I found it hard to stay inside on Saturday even though there was one good reason to do so – the Blazer game.  For a good portion of time, my assistant Sara wasn’t outside enjoying the day on Saturday.  Instead, she was at the Blazer’s game.  At one point she sent me a text, late in the third quarter when the Blazers were down by 23 points.  I felt badly for her – being inside on a beautiful day watching the Blazers have a complete meltdown.  I was taking our puppy to the vet to get a shot at the time she texted me.  By the time I was out of the vet Brandon Roy had gone completely nuts and somehow the Blazers had stormed back and won the game.  I decided to not feel badly for Sara at that point.  I might have even felt a bit envious.  She had just witnessed one of the greatest come from behind victories in the history of the NBA playoffs. 

All in all, Saturday was a perfect day here in Portland.  Dallas on the other hand. . . .


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