My Daughter, The Zombie

My daughter is a zombie. And not just any zombie. She is a hula-hooping zombie that raises money for Camp Fire.  How could such a thing happen, you ask?  In all honesty, I find myself wondering the same thing.  The signs should have been fairly obvious – wearing torn clothing, wanting to stay up all night to watch Blazers games, practicing dance moves to “Thriller” – and yet, I missed the rather obvious clues. What a terrible parent. But I suppose it’s not too terrible; I am, after all, raising a zombie with a social conscience.

Gabriella participates in after school programs through Camp Fire at her school and was invited to showcase her abilities at a talent show downtown yesterday. She and several of her classmates have been practicing a hula hoop/dance routine for several weeks and put them on display for several hundred parents and volunteers last night.  It was a lot of fun and I’m always amazed at the things that our kids can do given the right combination of guidance, instruction and motivation.  Their “Thriller” hula hoop routine was a big success and had all of us clapping, cheering and well, um, acting like the proud parents that we are. 

My wife and I had no idea that we would be attending a major fundraiser last night but there we were, surrounded by corporate sponsors, local celebrities, food, drink, media displays etc.  What an incredible event.  And what a great cause. 

Camp Fire is involved in many schools in the greater metro area and provides a great learning environment for kids.  I’ve been really impressed by the programs that they offer and by how much they truly care about the kids.  They do a great job. 

Last night’s celebration was a total success – parents and corporate sponsors together raised over $34,000 to help the program continue to provide services and supplemental education experiences to kids throughout our area.

I’m proud that our daughter is involved with Camp Fire and that she was able to help them raise money last night. 

Now I just wonder if she’ll keep muttering “brains” under her breath as she eats her Honey Comb cereal.


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