Stumbleupon Strikes Again!

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I have seen the enemy and it is me.  Or, it is a nifty little icon on the desktop of my computer. From my rather limited vantage point, it seems like most innovations that happen with computers these days are not necessarily quite as “techy” as they were even just a few years ago.  Processor speed, memory, hard drive size – these things are still improving and we do benefit from the advancements; however, in my opinion, the real game changers these days are applications.  Which leads me to Stumbleupon.

Search engines on the web are amazing – we type in information and they “crawl” throughout the internet finding bits and pieces here and there that match the description of what we have typed.  We use them for shopping, for research, entertainment and for our jobs.  Most of us would be hard pressed to go about our daily lives without the convenience of online search engines.  So imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when I realized that search engines were themselves becoming antiquated. 

Stumbleupon is an application that finds websites based on the interests of the person using it.  I currently have mine set on humor and it’s amazing the different websites that I have been introduced to that I never would have found without this application.  I can now understand how some people become addicted to surfing the net.  Stumbleupon is brilliant and it’s really, really fast.  All you have to do is press the icon and it connects to a website within a few seconds.  If you don’t like where it takes you, you can indicate you dislike the site and press the icon again.  It’s scary how fun it is and how much time it can eat up. 

If you would like to try it out, click here


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