A Sign of the Times?

In ancient times events in nature were sometimes seen as a portent of things to come. Solar eclipses, earthquakes, lightning and other unexplained phenomena all had significance and meaning that if analyzed closely would give insights into the future. Omens were powerful things for ancient people and were regarded with a great deal of ceremony and reverence. At any given time, events were occurring that would give a glimpse into future events – all that was needed was someone gifted enough to recognize portents and signs.

Those that are much more learned than myself also find similar instances in art, literature and more current media. I remember it being called “symbolism” during literature classes and I also distinctly remember that there were a multitude of times where I had a difficult time differentiating the significant from the banal. Did green seaweed represent jealousy or is green seaweed just green seaweed? All of this leads up to an event that happened yesterday while at work.

Around Noon I was looking out the window at the construction site across the street. I was talking with a colleague when I noticed a duck leading her ducklings across the street. I was about to grab my phone and take a video of the ducks when a car hit the mother duck and drove off. A couple passers-by did their best to rescue the ducklings and gently set the mother duck,s body off to the side of the road.

So other than demonstrating that some people are either unbelievably incompetent at operating an automobile or just plain mean-spirited, did this morbid display have deeper meaning? Quite honestly, I’m not really one to say – I’m too far removed from Greek Literature classes and I don’t have any druids for relatives that I am aware of.  Perhaps the car is the Dodd-Frank act, the mother duck the Loan Officers and the ducklings the consumer. 

Taking a more modern view, more than likely the whole scene meant nothing.  Other than that mean people suck.


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