Cleopatra Rises Again

My daughter, Ella, has just finished her very first research paper and will be giving her class presentation today.  She’s genuinely excited about it and my wife and I are really proud of the work she has done on her project.  I can’t recall doing anything so elaborate when I was her age (her project includes an illustrated timeline along with a bibliography, title page etc).

Last night Ella asked me to get her up early today so that she can practice her presentation a few extra times this AM.  Her last audience member was the dog and much to Abby’s credit, she did listen attentively, even cocking her head to the side like dogs do when they are not quite sure what you said but want to look cute amidst their confusion.  The look was even further enhanced by one ear being inside out.  Dogs are a challenging and challenged audience.  Ella dealt with it admirably, being reduced to giggles for just the slightest moment.

Along with our daughter, my wife and I have learned a few very interesting things about Cleopatra.  We now know that she became Queen at the age of 18.  She played a role in forcing her father out of power and was an effective ruler even amidst a persistent drought that lasted two years.  Her reign ended by an asp’s bite amidst a romance with a Roman during a great battle.  It’s been a really great experience to watch our daughter truly take an interest in history and to get a chance to learn new things with her.  Whoever said that kids need to be challenged might just be on to something.


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