Ella Sings Again!

Like many schools in the Portland metro area, Beverly Cleary has benefited from money raised from Run for the Arts. Beverly Cleary is very fortunate to have Ralph Nelson as an artist in residence at the school. He currently works with 20 schools per year and is a very talented composer, playwright and choir director. Our daughter, Gabriella, has had the opportunity to sing in choir with Mr. Nelson and last night was in a play he wrote about the history of Portland. The play featured narration about important events in the formation and evolution of our city as well as several songs throughout. As is the case with any event that features the entire third grade class, there was a lot of preparation and coordination on the part of students, parents and teachers alike. My wife and I enjoyed the play immensely and even learned a thing or two about Portland history. Education and entertainment – what a concept. I was thoroughly impressed.

As with many proud parents, my wife and I are never far from a recording device when our daughter is involved with events for her school, church or her swim team.  To watch Ella’s recent solo in her class play, click here. Being a drummer, I can’t really say that I do much to contribute to my daughter’s intonation but I am amazed at her overall sense of pitch and intonation. Running around the house beat boxing for my daughter does little to add to my daughter’s musical abilities. It probably only adds to the growing list of items my daughter will have to explore with the help of a talented psychologist later in her life. As is often the case with us proud parent types, I have no idea whether our daughter’s musical abilities are a gift that she will choose to pursue in the coming years or if they are just a temporary interest. All I can truly hope for is to have a few moments like last night when she is willing to share her talent with us. I’m sure you can relate.

I hope that you and your family are well and thanks for letting me take a couple of minutes out of your day to be a proud Dad.


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