It’s Fashionable to be Confused

I’ve often wondered why some people I have met in the last few years have monogrammed shirts. Are they worried that someone will steal their shirt if they don’t brand it with their identifying initials? Somehow it makes me think of cattle but without the danger of stampedes or cattle rustlers. And from what I understand, a hot branding iron can’t be all that comfortable. At other times I’ve wondered if it’s a bit of a reminder of who the wearer of the shirt is. Do they have amnesia? It must be quite comforting to look down at their shirt sleeves and see that reassuring, somewhat unique collection of letters. “Oh that’s who I am” they whisper quietly. I’ve always thought my initials are pretty cool, I mean, MCA has a really nice ring to it. On the other hand, I don’t really have a compelling need to remind myself and others of my initials every time I glance at my watch.

I’m not much of a fashion guru and have to admit that I am clueless when it comes to most things clothing related. I would have been the perfect candidate for grranimals when I was growing up. Do you remember them? The idea was that you had animals that you could pair up together and when everything was said and done everything matched perfectly. It was impossible to fail. Or was it? I always wondered what would happen if you paired a predator and prey together. A leopard top with a giraffe bottom. A hyena tube top with antelope bell bottom jeans. An elephant paisley blazer with ruffled velveteen wolf pantaloons. When I gaze back at school pictures and see some of the fashion tragedies that befell myself and others, I can only imagine what sort of weird pack of animals was involved in the clothing that was hastily thrown together.

So here I am 30 years later and trying to figure out what sort of look I need for Wednesday, October the 6th. As Mortgage Bankers, we have been credited with somehow single-handedly destroying the entire economic fabric of the universe. Should we dress in a manner befitting the reputation? Perhaps a suit made of Dalmatian puppy coats ala Cruella De Ville is in order. Or maybe just a long trench coat with goat skin pants. Evil but with a wistful element I’m sure. Light and breathable too. I’m not entirely sure why, but at my company, it’s all the rage to wear a suit, dress shoes, nice shirt but to somehow leave out the tie. Is this another trend that I just didn’t get the memo about?

I’m still trying to figure out casual Fridays. Slacks or jeans? Dockers or sandals? Maybe it’s time for an adult version of grranimals. What do you think?


One thought on “It’s Fashionable to be Confused

  1. First off…you clearly wrote this today prior to dressing. I’m hoping that you decided to throw on a robe before pouring your bowl of wheaties and grabbing your laptop.

    Also, you have a style all your own. You are one of the few that can pull off suspenders that don’t have rainbows or tape measure prints. I think that’s all you rally need to know about fashion 🙂

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