Our Mischievous Credit Card

My wife and I have reached the conclusion that our credit card is getting a little too independent. A little too reckless. A little edgy, as it were. Several years ago it decided to blurt out its most intimate secrets to a gas station attendant and within a few hours had made friends with some rather unsavory characters. I’m sure our credit card was just trying to be cool and fit in with the popular crowd but before we knew it, we had a $700 charge to Target and multiple charges to several stereo stores. I’m not even sure how someone can spend $700 at Target but apparently our credit card and its friends were quite adept at racking up large sums of money albeit in unlikely places.

Fast forward to about two years ago. We had thought we had reined in our card’s risky behavior but then our credit card discovered the wonders of the internet. Before we knew it, our card was befriending all kinds of people with apparently nothing better to do than play World of Warcraft and spend money on more electronics equipment and random internet sites. We began to worry. Were we losing control of our credit card? JJ and I have seen those credit card commercials where Vikings attack innocent consumers at the most inopportune moments. Would we be a victim of a similar fate? I can’t even imagine how much damage an angry Viking can do with a battle-axe and a large credit line. Pillaging, burning, war mongering followed by Target spending sprees – the modern-day Viking is quite fearsome indeed.

About two weeks ago we found out our credit card was having more fun than us. Without even asking for our permission it had taken a flight to Paris and was busily spending money at fancy boutiques and taking cash advances from random ATMs in France. With detailed calculations of whatever it takes to convert US funds to Euros I was able to track our credit card’s vacation. From talking with knowledgable people who travel a lot I have found out that the visa card companies give really good conversion rates in Europe so at least our card was making better decisions. Still, I couldn’t help feel a bit of jealous as our card cavorted along without a care in the world.

To be quite honest, JJ and I never have any idea that anything is amiss until we get the “phone call.” Inevitably some very nice person from deep within the bowels of the credit card company calls us and alerts us that our credit card is out spending money frivolously again. They then ask us if we know anything about the Target purchases, the World of Warcraft upgrades, or the Stereo King spending spree etc. In my opinion, these people rank somewhere between saints and Sherlock Holmes. I’ve always been impressed with just how quickly they catch on to these schemes and the fraud that is being perpetrated.

I have to admit I was a little jealous of the credit card this last time. We’ve accumulated all these air miles and I can’t help think that it’s a little ironic that the credit card somehow makes its way to France. I can only hope they don’t have any Target stores there.


2 thoughts on “Our Mischievous Credit Card

  1. loved this mark. very funny. very well written. loved the line: some very nice person from deep within the bowels of the credit card company. nice imagery.

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