New Neighbors

For JJ and I, our neighborhood represents a quiet enclave of calm and stability amidst the chaos of our busy and hectic lives. Like many Rose City neighborhoods, the homes on our block were mainly constructed during the early 1920s and feature a variety of styles. It’s not uniform here and the homes are as unique and varied as the people and families that occupy them. What is special is that most of the people that move to our block simply don’t leave. JJ and I really like our neighbors and with rare exception, I can tell you the names of evey one of them along with their kids and even their pets. We typically schedule at least one block party per year along with progressive dinners and other events. We share stories, we watch out for each other, celebrate graduations and weddings, laugh together and occasionally mourn together. I can’t imagine a nicer place to live.

JJ and I first moved in to our home in 1995. Bruce and Norma, our neighbors to the immediate north of us, have been in the neighborhood even longer than JJ and I. They are avid gardners and there is rarely a weekend during the summer that we don’t see them outside doing projects. We truly enjoy their company – they are great people and amidst occasional beers and frequent gripes about the elm tree in front of our house, we have become good friends. Bruce and Norma are also quick to share a kind word with Ella and we think the world of them. But don’t get me started about the pranks – Bruce is a world class prankster, and that’s fodder for another story.

Up and down our block you will find similar stories. We have a world class barbecue expert, an amazing RN, three remarkable kids that are fluent in Japanese, an unbelievably talented jeweler, a neighbor that watches out for the rest of us (whether we like it or not) and up until recently, a great Pastor and his family. The one exception to the stability on our block is the house across the street. In the time that JJ and I have lived here we have seen a steady stream of lawyers, doctors, dentists and pastors first move in and then within a couple years, move out. The house itself has an amazing amount of curb appeal but for whatever reason, the people that move there don’t stay.

Jason and his wife Caroline, along with their two daughters, are the most recent owners of the house. We just said our goodbyes a couple days ago. Ella in particular is sad to see them leave – she had really enjoyed playing with the two girls over the last couple years. Like the neighbors before them, Jason and Caroline fit in very well – they were active in the community and were always happy to host a gathering at their home. We miss them already.

What is most remarkable to me is that the same Realtor has sold this home each time. And, each time the new owners have been wonderful people that seem to fit right in to our neighborhood. Morgan Davis, the Realtor that has marketed the house each time, is one of the nicest people in the industry. I don’t know how he does it, but each time he sells the house, amazing and wonderful people move in.

JJ just met the new owner yesterday and as has been the case in the past, she is a wonderful person and we can’t wait to welcome her to the neighborhood. Morgan – how do you do it? Learn about Morgan Davis here.


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