Clutch Performances

I was only able to watch the last 10 minutes of the US Algeria soccer match yesterday at work. But what a great 10 minutes! A co-worker and I were exchanging high fives and doing our best to have a somewhat toned down reaction to the US win. A little jumping. A little fist pumping. No chest bumping whatsoever. All in all, a somewhat tepid and weak reaction to such a great goal and such a great game. I’ve had the chance to watch a little of each of the US games played so far and each one has been a lot of fun to watch. I don’t know how they do it but as time is about to expire the US squad somehow “digs deep” and manages to score when it matters most. Apparently the best approach to watching the US team play in this world cup is to watch the last half of the game and wait for them to do something miraculous. In other words, my wife is once again correct.

My wife has always encouraged me to wait to turn on sporting events until the final minute or so. Especially with the NBA. Especially with the Blazers (save KP!!) Whereas in soccer you can go a full game without a score and can actually end up with a draw, there is constant scoring in the NBA. Admittedly, my wife has a good point. In a lot of NBA games, it’s going to come down to the final seconds with a desperate half-court heave or something along those lines.

Few of us will experience the thrill of scoring the winning goal in a match like Landon Donovan did yesterday. Or, of heaving up a three pointer from half-court that somehow goes in, ala Brandon Roy. But each day we make crucial decisions at work or at home that ultimately have a large influence on our families and/or the lives of those we work with. Personally, I’m glad that our work days aren’t broadcast in front of a large audience. Can you only imagine?

My assistant and I inherited a couple loans that had to close really quickly. The circumstances involved with each of the loans were different but the result was the same – Sara and I had to move really fast to ensure that these loans closed on time. No one is going to interview the two of us or take our pictures and our names won’t be on the front page of the paper when these loans close. But to us this is about as close as it gets to being a clutch shooter or someone capable of scoring a goal at the waning moments of a match. True we don’t have throngs of adoring fans cheering for us so loudly that it makes our ear drums pop but the satisfaction of getting someone into a house and rescuing their transaction is a truly wonderful feeling.

The next US match is on Wednesday, the last day of the month. The last day of the month is almost always the most stressful time of the month when it comes to mortgages. I can hardly wait.


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