Our Friend Molly

My wife was a nanny for 10 years and during that time she worked with a lot of wonderful families. Each situation was unique and I know that my wife looks back at that time very fondly. I still don’t have any clue how JJ was able to expertly balance the schedules and needs of anywhere from four to nine families at a time – especially now that we have a child of our own.

Molly was one of the first kids that my wife was a nanny for and was in our life before JJ and I were even married. Before dogs, before houses, before careers, there was Molly. I remember her as an infant, a toddler, through grade school and now through high school. Hard as it is to believe, Molly is graduating from high school in a couple of days.

Yesterday JJ and I made the familiar trip to Molly’s house for a celebratory brunch. Her home is a big inviting four square in Irvington that has been lovingly maintained over the years. We always feel at home there even eleven years after JJ worked there. Molly’s parents are exceptional people and are indeed two of our favorite people on the planet. They are incredibly intelligent, gracious and generous. They also don’t slouch when it comes to food and yesterday was no exception. For this reason alone we make it a point to attend any event we can with Molly and her family.

As soon as we entered the house we were greeted by a huge hug from Molly. True to form, she was dressed in clothes that she had a role in designing, had a mohawk of some sort and dyed hair. I couldn’t pull that look off and I don’t know of many people who can, but for Molly, she looks truly beautiful no matter what.

After eating some food and visiting with her parents and friends, JJ and I were invited to view some of Molly’s portfolio. Molly is an immensely talented artist and has been awarded a scholarship to attend an arts school on the East coast. Admittedly, I know next to nothing about photography but it’s clear that Molly has an amazing talent. She showed us several examples of her work that had both JJ and I absolutely slack-jawed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her work prominently featured in an upscale gallery some day.

We have so many wonderful memories of Molly growing up and are immensely proud of her. She’s all grown up and ready to conquer the world. I hope the world is ready. Congratulations Molly, Class of 2010.

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