Just Your Neighborhood Barbecue

I am convinced that one of our neighbors makes some of the best barbecue on the planet. Although we don’t get to try out Verle’s handiwork all that often we have nevertheless become horribly spoiled. On the occasion that we venture forth to a restaurant that features similar fare, inevitably our experience is tainted and it just doesn’t stack up to what we can get a few doors down. Although we sometimes contribute some side dishes or apple wood from our tree, in reality we truly don’t deserve the perfection served up to us. We’re addicted and not ashamed to admit it.

My wife and I were recently invited to a high school graduation party for one of Verle’s kids. We had every intention of cooking that night but it was a fool’s endeavor. I even started up our own barbecue but once I learned that Verle was serving brisket, I raced back home and shut down the barbecue. You just can’t compete with perfection.

All three of Verle’s kids are extraordinary. Two of them will be in college this Fall. His son will be attending Concordia University (the same University that my wife completed her Masters program) and one of his daughters will be attending Willamette University (my alma mater).

I remember what kind of adjustment dorm food was for me when I first attended college. I can only imagine what it will be like for Verle’s kids.


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