The Drummer Gets the Girl

It’s funny how a seemingly random event alters our entire life. In my case, it’s officially my uncle’s fault. Back when I was still in middle school, he needed a place to store his drum set while he attended graduate school at U of O. What kid can possibly resist playing a drum set? I certainly wasn’t any exception.

I practiced. A lot. And then even more. Somehow it just felt right. There’s something to be said for a musical outlet that is equal parts physical, mental and mechanical. Drums were all of this and more to me. Eventually I became proficient enough to play with the various high school groups and even play a professional gig or two.

I played drums all throughout college and moved back up to Portland when I graduated. I played with as many people around town as possible. It was a lot of fun and I had some really great experiences. I also had some really awful experiences but that’s part of the learning process too.

In 1991 I was playing a gig at the Polo Club, a local jazz club across from Benson High School. It was a great lineup and I was really lucky to be playing with such a great group. During one of the breaks, I was introduced to my wife by my best friend and his girlfriend. I asked JJ to attend the Greek Festival with me the next day and we’ve been together ever since. We still attend the Greek Festival each year to this day.

As time has gone by, drums have played a lesser role in my life but they are still somehow connected to the most significant events of my life. My daughter occasionally plays as well but she seems more interested in the guitar. In a somewhat ironic twist, the Polo Club has since become a credit union and I have since become a Mortgage Banker.

I always heard stories growing up about the drummer being the one that “gets the girl.” In my case, this was only true once, but true when it counted.


2 thoughts on “The Drummer Gets the Girl

  1. There are no coincidences in this life- you two were meant to meet and I was simply a pawn in making it happen. I am so glad that you have created the life you share together! You were such a cynic back then that I wasn’t sure that you would know what to do with a woman with as much social energy as our wonderful JJ. But lo and behold- you are a perfect match! Here’s to a beautiful life together!

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