Ella the Swim Queen

Normally Ella and I walk to the bus stop in the morning but today would have required goggles or a snorkel. And this begs the question: if April showers bring May flowers, what exactly do May showers bring? Apparently it brings out my inner Californian or something. As an Oregonian, I am ashamed to admit that I drove my child to the bus stop today. The two of us literally ran from the house to the car, drove about four blocks and then ran from the car to the nearest parent with an umbrella. Note to self: umbrellas don’t take up too much room in the car trunk.

Even amidst all my griping about the weather, Ella and I were in a celebratory mood this morning. We recently found out that Ella has been moved up to a new level at her swim club. Moving from the Blue level to the Red level in the Rose City Aquatic Club is the equivalent of a new belt color in martial arts but without the Chuck Norris round-house kick skill. As a parent, I’m truly amazed what the kids in our swim club are capable of. It’s been a wonderful experience to watch Ella learn all these different swimming strokes and to see her compete in a healthy way.

JJ and I will both be cheering for Ella this weekend at her swim meet. I’ll do my best to get some pictures and will share them next week.

Stay dry and don’t forget to keep an umbrella in your trunk. You might just need it until July at this rate.


2 thoughts on “Ella the Swim Queen

  1. yes, a true Oregonian knows “it ain’t summer till after the 4th of July”. But, congrats to Ella and join the “no guilt zone” we all jump into the car sometimes (just to avoid the rain)….jj

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