It’s February 131st – Why Do We Live Here Again?

Okay so maybe my abilities with a calendar can be called into question with the title of this post. But, when I left the house this morning the furnace was on. And I don’t think there has been a single week that’s gone by that I’ve wondered “hey, maybe I should have turned the sprinkler system back on again.” We still have flannel sheets on throughout the house and no one is complaining. With all the news you hear about global warming you have to wonder what happened to our little corner of the world here. Didn’t we get the message that it’s supposed to be getting warmer?

30 years ago I was, well, um, younger and had just seen first hand what an active volcano can really do. If you were too young at the time or weren’t even born yet, it’s a shame. May 18, 1980 is one of those days you don’t ever forget. Mt St Helens was certainly an awesome display of power and a reminder that we don’t have any control over our environment. None. I remember we didn’t have much of a summer that year. Apparently huge amounts of ash spewed into the air actually changes the weather. Who would have thought? Fast forward to this year and it could be that the volcano in Iceland is going to have a similar effect. I won’t even try to pronounce the name – it was is if the volcano itself vomited up a random collection of vowels and consonants in no particular order and that random gibberish somehow became the name.

My good friend (and great Realtor) Tim Knight sent me a video this AM. It was a great reminder of why we do live here and why I’m willing to endure what feels like a never-ending February. The video is about 4 minutes long but I think it does an amazing job of showing what makes this part of the planet so wonderful. If you have a tank of gas and a day open for exploring, I can’t think of a better place to live. Take a look. And, maybe tomorrow we’ll skip past March and all the way into June.


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